babies, babies, babies

The last couple weeks have brought three new babies into the Dem tribe. The ladies on our team were able to be there to help and learn more about how things are done here.

For the most part they deliver babies outdoors. This baby was born in the garden right in back of his mom’s house. She labored there while ladies took turns pouring water on her back and rubbing her stomach with wet leaves.


So amazing to witness a new little life coming into the world!12366023_10154466967944126_6726174922328818751_o

after the placenta is delivered, the cord is cut and everyone moves into the hut where the mother sits on a pile of prepared leaves and warms up by the fire. Before she can nurse the baby, they heat a rock in the fire and she expresses her first drops of milk onto the hot rock. They believe if she nurses the baby straight away, he will throw up.


Last Monday a woman we were pretty sure was going to have twins went into labor. For some reason, instead of a garden, she was laboring in a cold stream early in the morning (outside temp is usually around 58 degrees at that time). The first baby was born in the stream and almost died after being left to lie in the water. We had to force the ladies to let us cut the cord and try to have the mom feed her baby. After 2 hours of no progress, we were able to have a plane come to evacuate the mother to a hospital. The people made a makeshift stretcher and carried her to the plane.IMG_0677

our partners, Jared and Mel Currie accompanied the woman and her husband to the nearest hospital and the second baby was born by c-section at around 10:30pm. We are so thankful for the Lord’s provision in these circumstances. Everyone was able to come back on Christmas Eve and, so far, the mom and sweet little baby boys are doing very well!IMG_0689


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