Bride Price

For the first time since living here, we witnessed the paying of a bride price. The husband has to pay quite a bit in money and pigs for his bride and they rarely have enough to pay up front. This couple has been married for a few years already but I guess it was time..

They had a feast in the morning with corn, greens and sweet potatoes cooked in a pit in the ground along with ‘yummy’ red fruit.

They started to wrangle the pigs that were part of the payment and tied them to stakesIMG_0468IMG_0470IMG_0457


The ‘bride’ is in the camouflage shirt.


The family of the groom began to throw money in a pile and then anyone who wanted to chip in came forward. This went on for about half an hour.IMG_0513

Then everything was counted up. In the end 19 pigs and about $3,000 were collected.


We still have a lot to learn about all the cultural meanings behind everything that took place. It was an interesting day!


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