We made it!…. Almost


How’s this for a contrast. I’m sweating as a write this, so it’s hard to believe that on November 9th we enjoyed watching (and playing in) a beautiful, early snowfall. As we scrounged for gear for the kids to wear I was so thankful that we were going back to the land of t-shirts and flip-flops in a few days – so much easier to get kids out the door!


Tuesday night (13th) we packed up the vans (one for people, one for bags:) and headed down to Chicago.46521059_280480875937792_3759862800969629696_n

our flight left at midnight so we were in jammies and tucked in ready for a 15 hour sleep πŸ™‚46450897_357796821434573_2414052086011396096_n46479801_258748761457279_3484724460093702144_n

Ok, well actually no one slept that long, but were able to get some rest and then we were in Taiwan! It was Thursday morning there, so basically we skipped Wednesday πŸ™‚


After a 3 hour layover in Taiwan, we set off on our second flight. This one was a mere 6 hours long. Piece of cake after the 15 πŸ˜‰46519607_773688396310808_3968142390971072512_n

When we arrived in the capital city, we were all pretty hot and tired, but we were so thankful that all our bags made it!! The picture below of Roman cracks me up. We were all ready to crash at this point, so standing with his head on the luggage was the next best thing, I guess.46667934_188967095368356_8365360828085436416_n

After organizing three taxis to take us and all the stuff to the guest house, we were finally able to rest!46479339_1941517265925363_5524616664773033984_n

We spent 4 days in the big city trying to get over jet lag, doing some shopping and a few fun things. There is an Ikea there so we were able to get some things for our house and Dylan’s office.46513725_498839793956744_6899230594354380800_n

This Ikea has a coin operated ice cream machine that we look forward to at the end of our shopping trip.46504066_196357181266674_5873247518195712_n


This city is notorious for it’s crazy traffic jams. It’s much faster, at times, to hire a motorcycle driver to get from place to place.


Whatever it takes to get to the store that sells chocolate chips and other yummy imported food πŸ™‚ We’re stocked up for a while now.


We ended our time in the big city with a day at a water park. So refreshing and quite a difference from our snow day 10 days earlier!


The next day, it was back on the plane. A 6 hour jump over to ‘our’ island.


The boys were happy, but poor Grace and Raquel had fevers and felt pretty miserable. Thankfully, Grace doesn’t need much room to curl up and take a nap πŸ™‚


And we made it to the Guest House! We’ll spend a week here in our base town getting the food and supplies we need (man can not live on chocolate chips alone;) and then fly interior. We’re almost home!



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