Raquel’s friend’s mom was sweeping her yard with this ‘broom’ she made of weeds :)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We needed some wood carried down from the mountain so we did it the Dem way. We asked a bunch of guys to do the work and we provided a meal for them when they were done. Dylan went with the guys to get wood and I went with the ladies to gather greens to eat. Then we went to our friend,s hut and made coffee and rice and greens with noodles (like Ramen). It was a fun day!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Bome is Raquel’s friend who loves to take care of Grace. Here she had bounced Grace to sleep while carrying her around in the bag and then hung her up for a nap.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

May 3rd was Gideon’s 7th birthday! He had a Lego party with our co-workers kids.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

We are so thankful for the friends the Lord has provided for our kids!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

About once a month Raquel and her friends have a sleepover in Dylan’s office. They make tea and have popcorn while they watch a movie. In spite of the language barrier, they always have a good time.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

I told some ladies that I wanted to go with them to plant a garden. Instead of them coming to get me to plant their garden, they told me that I now had a section of a new garden that had just been started. Not what I was expecting, but it’s been a fun learning process. This is a picture of the first day I went. They had chopped down all the trees and brush and I spent two hours digging up the ground with a stick. I was very dirty and tired with a lot of blisters at the end, and we weren’t even halfway done!


These sweet girls were waiting for food at a feast.SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

Grace thoroughly enjoying a piece of pig meat…after smearing fruit all over my shirt ;)SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


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