We flew out to our supply town in June. Raquel had standardized testing the first week and we had our regional fellowship the second week. It was a good time of refreshment in the word and connecting with coworkers from around the island.IMG_3626

After conference there were a few more days of meetings and some medical training but we did get to do some fun things like go to the pool!IMG_3675IMG_3684

Grace started walking!IMG_3696

Two new coffee shops opened up since we had been out last (that means there are now 2 coffee shops in town:). It was fun to be able to take the kids out on little dates.IMG_3661

We celebrated Dylan’s 35th birthday. It’s always a little harder to bake when we’re away from home, but we scrounged up a cake and he got to go camping on the beach with a group of guys.


They came home with quite the catch. It was delicious!!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

After a few week of town life, it was good to get back home!SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURESSAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES


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